NOTE: This Transformation Program Is Completely Beginner Friendly For Overweight and Obese Women
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(no strength training. see my other programs for that)
Are You Ready to Get Off of the
lame ass
My Coaching Business Is A One Man Show 
And Almost All Of My Clients Renew Year After Year Leaving Very Few Openings.
If This Page Is Online Right Now, Then Spots Are Still Open ...
Almost All Of My Members Renew Year After Year Leaving Very Few Openings.
If This Page Is Online Right Now, Then This Spot Is Still Open ...
Read This Before 
Going ANY Further
From The Gym Of Matthew Olsen
Lakeland, FL
This HUGE opportunity will be to work directly with me and be part of my client coaching group with the end-result of creating positive momentum in your life through daily walking for the next 4 week's!

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What You Get:
  • ​ CUSTOMIZED NUTRITION AND MACROS » I will personally be customizing your calories to a mildly-aggressive but sustainable deficit to where you can stay excited about your progress week to week. Lastly, I’ll be sure that your macros keep you energetic and thriving during fat loss and not having you feel like you’re uncomfortably hungry and wanting to binge eat.
  • ALL-INCLUSIVE APP ACCESS » In the palm of your hand you’ll be able to access your daily task list, logged nutrition, body measurements, weight, progress photos, steps and so much more!
  • 1:1 ACCOUNTABILITY » Weekly accountability check-in’s by me to hold you accountable to executing and making sure nothing stands in your way of achieving your goals!
  • GROUP SUPPORT/COMMUNITY » Full-access to my members only Facebook Group where you’ll check-in nightly, share wins, receive support, encouragement and be part of a positive community of women striving for the same goals in this safe space.
  • ​PROGRESS MONITORING » I’ll be monitoring important metrics (measurable and non-measurable) such as scale weight, progress photos, your energy levels, your mood, and training volume. I’ll make all of the adjustments that are required during your time with me so that you make your dream body a reality!

Don't Just Take MY Word For It...
4 Weeks of Walking And Being Part of A Supportive Group Is A Massive Step Towards These Results That My Other Clients Have Achieved...
Lakeland, Polk County and beyond friends, this is not a gimmick. This is my personal trainer and he can legit help you get into the best shape of your life. He can accommodate any age, fitness level, busy lifer and distance is not an issue either!  He will help you with an eating plan (not a diet, you will easily be able to follow this healthy eating lifestyle your whole life). He will be your biggest cheerleader. And he has an awesome private FB group where we all cheer each other on and hold each other accountable. DM him!!!!
If you're looking for a trainer or coach, Matt Olsen is your guy!! I have worked with him on and off for many years but have been back consistently for the last 3 months. Matt and our whole tribe help keep each other on track and accountable. I wouldn't trade this group for anything!
"Dude I gotta stop looking in the mirror, ya girl is obsessed!"
Y'all! I struggle with old injuries (knees & lower back)
Matt Olsen will help work you out around those! I struggled with consistency and accountability. Matt and the whole WPC family help with that. I have no idea where I would be right now without him and the fantastic process/group he has. TRUST ME!!! Y'all know I'm frfr. Also. I'm down 115lbs... let that be the proof. And I know with his continued help and the groups continued support I will get the rest of the way. Hit him up! Or hit me up!
So I know I haven't shown my progress pics lately but my man here is an amazing trainer. So if your looking for a trainer hit him up!
I just started back working out and eating on macros in January.
Matt: When's the last time you were under 200 like you are now?!

Melinda: Boy like before I got pregnant so like 2011

Recognize ME?!  :-P

Even I have done it and I wasn't a very BIG guy to start with...

Weight loss, just as weight gain, is simply just a numbers gain.

When you understand that, the process becomes very simple.
This is your opportunity.
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