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Welcome to the best weight-loss transformation, Period.
If you're not losing weight, there's one profound reason. Calories. We are going to prioritize not only tracking your calorie needs but also your protein, carbs and fats with specific-to-you targets so that you not only lose body fat, but also create a banging hot, fit body type! 
By now, you probably know what to do but what good is that if you're not executing on it? It isn't. That's where I come in. I will be in touch with you every day of the week and weekend.

You're being bombarded with the food temptations of the world through social media, tv advertisement's and strategic grocery store layout's. I will make sure to be a warrior, on your side, during this weight loss battle. You got me!
We've been lied to. Cardio is NOT the best strategy for weight loss. Strength training is.

Strength training increases your metabolism to work for you and when this happens, nutrition freedom follows.

Cardio is acceptable as a supplement to strength training as long as strength training is the main dish.

I will coach you how to strength train properly, exercises to do, exercises to avoid, when to do them (frequency) and when to rest/recover, which is just as important.
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110lbs lost and still going!

Look what can be accomplished in only 6 months. Yes, you read that right.

Age, 63! Only 6 weeks of nutrition focus following my plan...

In her 70's. Weight loss doesn't care about your age ... 

If you're a beginner, you can expect to lose body fat, gain lean muscle and strength at the same time like my client below!

7lbs of body fat lost in only 5 weeks while eating foods she enjoys and maintaining muscle tone and strength


Online coaching isn't as effective as in-person coaching though, right?
This is a very fair question to wonder. The truth is, I've been coaching online since 2019 and online coaching client's have consistently received results as good as in-person client's or better. Why? Weight loss is 80% about nutrition and accountability and only 20% about actual exercising. Whether client's are coached online or in-person, nutrition and accountability are both handled through texting, phone call's and our Facebook Group.
Why strength training? I thought cardio is the best for weight loss?
I'm not anti-cardio and we actually get a small to fair amount of cardio in per week. Strength training is the main course to promote a revving metabolism, cardio is used as a supplement or side dish. We want our body's metabolism working FOR us and strength training is the best option to build our metabolism so we can lose weight.
Will I get bulky? I don't want to get bulky at all!
Absolutely not. I don't have my client's perform strength training to get "muscular". I have my client's strength train to build lean muscle tissue. If you're getting bulky from strength training, your calories are too high. You should expect to get stronger while losing weight on the scale and inches on the tape measure. (See progress photos above)
I'm interested in one of your in-person coaching packages. What availability do you have?
At this time (April 2023), my in-person coaching slots are completely booked.
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📨 A Message from Coach Matt:
Either way you're going to spend.

Will you spend more TIME spinning your wheels with minimal return?

Money always returns.

You never get your TIME back.
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